::: My Personal History :::

In 1980 my wife was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease Sjogren's Syndrome. This is a very debilitating disease wherein all of the body's lubricating systems (internal and external) shut down. (No saliva, tears, perspiration, internal secretions, etc.) The prognosis was bleak and the allopathic medical future was not promising and included some very powerful drugs which according to her doctor, would have left her blind and with small tumors throughout her body until her death within five to ten years. Sjogren's Syndrome is most commonly seen in women at age 60 or older, and my wife was 32.

We started searching for a different answer and with the help of our veterinarian, who was using alternative methods with his animals at that time, my wife went into full remission in 6 months and was free of Sjogren's until she died of metastatic breast cancer in 2003.

This experience really opened my eyes since I had been active in the allopathic medical world since 1973 or for 7 years by that time of Sjogren's Syndrome's onset. Now in 2012, I know that Allopathic Medicine does not have all the answers, and for 22 years now, I have experienced the reality, including personal life threatening medical challenges, of that fact.

In 1990 I was taking a course in massage. One of my instructors, a Myopractor, who appreciated my size and the way I handled bodies, asked if I was interested in the Myopractic program. I said, "Sure, what is it?" The program and the theory were explained, and I was given a treatment. After a 30 to 40 minute treatment, I noticed my back pain of 30 years was gone. I thought, "Yes, I want to learn this!" and my education began.

I went to school 4 nights a week for 4 hours and every other weekend all day Saturday and Sunday for almost 3 years. We studied anatomy and physiology, pathology, homeopathy, herbal medicine, oriental medicine, nutrition and nutritional history, exercise physiology, psychology, myofacial release, advanced massage, Myopractic manipulation which uses dynamic stretches combined with focused tension, and many other courses designed to enable the body to achieve wellness.

Upon completion of the coursework, final exam and following graduation, we had to successfully perform 400 hours of clinical observation or internship with a practicing Myopractor (Human Body Mechanic) to become certified.

In the years following my training, I have worked on hundreds of people. The most of whom have experienced the same relief from ongoing problems such as I had for many years, and for most of whom, the allopathic medical world had either no answer or an unacceptable method for resolution.

I have people who fly and/or drive to see me from distant states. Many of whom, after they have seen me here, return and arrange to have me visit in their area to visit and treat their family and friends. This will sometimes require 3 to 4 days to see all the people.

After I remarried, we went to China to gain additional training in Tuina (the Chinese manipulative art). After 2days, when they discovered my skill, I spent the rest of my training time, training their doctors and working on their patients.

I have now worked on people from every continent and most of the states of the United States. [Home] [Theory] [Practice] [Q&A] [The Table] [Testimonials] [My History] [Email] [Home]