::: Are your Bio-Mechanics off? :::

Did you know you are an electro-magnetic bio-mechanical organism?

::: Evaluate your Mechanics and Pelvic structure :::

Here are a few easy steps:
1.Strip down to skimpy clothing so you can see your body.
2.Stand in front of a full-length mirror.
3.Focus your attention on your pelvis and notice the level of the hips - are they even or is one higher?
4.Is one foot in front of the other and the opposite shoulder forward?
5.When raising your arm over your head does your bicep touch your ear?

If you have no mirror then:
1.Lie on the floor perpendicular to the wall with toes up.
2.Does only one foot touch the wall?
3.Is it uncomfortable lying flat?
4.Considering the pelvis as the cross bar of an H, if you push in gently where the crossbar would contact the upright is it tender in that area, on one side, or both?

If you notice these conditions, perhaps that is why you are in pain and not functioning as you should.

::: Here are more questions you can ask yourself :::

  • Do I hurt, especially in my low back, hips, knees, shoulders, or neck?
  • Does my pelvis seem uneven or shifted?
  • Do I have one leg longer than the other, or one hip higher?
  • Have I been told I have one leg longer than the other or one hip rotated?
  • Do I sit more comfortably with my legs crossed?
  • Have I had x-rays and the doctor said he "could see nothing wrong?"
  • Have I been in one or more car accidents in my life?
  • Have I fallen?
  • Was I active in athletics when I was younger?
  • Did I do rodeo, play hockey, football, soccer or slide into home base?
  • Do I use an assist (cane, crutch or walker) when I walk because I would fall over without it?
  • Do I not sleep well even when very tired?
  • Do I have frequent urination especially at night when I want to be sleeping?
  • Have I given birth?
  • Do I have irregular or no periods and/or have difficulty getting pregnant?
  • If you answer yes to many of these questions, then there is reason to think you may have a problem with your bio-mechanical structure and through a simple evaluation and treatment process using dynamic stretching with focused tension and directed or guided motion you can gain relief from the pain and developing pathology.

    There is hope for you!!!
    The good news is, you may only require one treatment. The bad news is, you may have to come to Culloden, WV or to Phoenix, AZ to receive that treatment.

    For more information than is available on this web site contact David Cresap (dcresap@ newlifebody.com).

    This technology used to be called Human Body Mechanics, but for the past forty years here in Arizona, it has been called Myopractic Therapy and is evolving to Neuro-Myologic Therapy.

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