::: What is Neuro-Myologics/Myopractics in practice? :::

The focus of Neuro-Myologic Therapy is the pelvis since it is the largest bony structure of the body, and acts as the foundation. The pelvic formation, with its two arches is the weight-bearing center, and distributes the body's weight. It is critical that this structure is stable as a shift in the pelvis can influence the entire body. This influence could result in reduced function, pain, and eventually a medical condition. The body wants to work properly and without pain. Myopractic Therapy aids the body in returning to normal motion patterns and function, with the eyes level.

There are many "medical" conditions that respond to rebalancing the body's mechanics. Some of which that have responded successfully are; "Restless Leg Syndrome" and associated pain, "Plantar Fasciaitis", "Fibro-myalgia", headaches, sciatic nerve pain, muscle pain and spasms, "Frozen" (stiff) motion and pain problems, acid reflux, incontinence and digestive waste illimination difficulties, hip and pelvic and low back pain, "Scoliosis" and associated pain (There are 2 types of Scoliosis; 1. The body's simple spinal correction for an imbalanced pelvis. 2. The body's extreme correction where the spine rotates causing deformation of the rib cage.)

There are many other conditions where the balancing of the Mechanics of the body restored the condition of well being. The body is not designed to work in pain.

::: What is Neuro-Myologics' application to the Female System? :::

The female system is especially influenced by the lack of proper structural balance in the pelvis. The ability of the pelvis to flex, shift and rotate is required when the Secondary Directive comes into demand. This occurs as a result of pregnancy. The Primary Directive for the pelvis is to be strong, straight and level to allow the body to be able to move easily and comfortably and hold the eyes level. The Secondary Directive of the pelvis is to allow the pelvis to open and allow the birth of a baby. If the Primary Directive is not being met and the Secondary Directive comes into play, then there can be considerable stress and pain throughout the pregnancy. Delivery can be long and arduous for the mother and the baby.

It is usual that when the pelvis is in proper balance, the pregnancy is comfortable, daily activities are easier, and the birth is natural, smooth and non-stressed. An example is a recent client on whom I worked to help with a fertility challenge. I saw her occasionally during her pregnancy, with the last visit being the day before delivery. During her three hours of labor she focused on relaxing by breathing naturally and letting her body do its work. Second stage contractions brought the baby gently down the birth canal and pushed out the head. Instead of pushing, the midwife told her to give a few quick coughs which enabled the baby to slip out the rest of the way. This was a first time mom with a 7lb 9oz baby. She completely skipped pushing. It was completely gentle with no additional stress on the mother nor the baby.

One of the greatest complaints I hear during pregnancy is pelvic pain. The usual comments are, “The doctor says the baby is mal-positioned.”, or “The doctor says I have endometriosis”. These could be true, however, once the balance in the pelvis is restored, the pain always goes away. This has been the experience 100% of the time.

For women who are not pregnant, pelvic pain is quite common. Most often they have been told it is because of endometriosis. In extreme cases some of the women have had their uteruses removed in hopes of eliminating the pain, which it did not. Some have been receiving injections into their pelvises to eliminate the pain, but to no avail. In every case, the pelvis was out of proper balance and after one treatment to restore the balance of the pelvis; the pain went away.

Is it magic? NO, it is simple mechanics.

To date I have seen 29 young ladies who wanted to become pregnant but were told by their doctors that they were "infertile". Some of them had undergone extensive proceedures without success. After one visit, each of these ladies became pregnant within 1 to 3 weeks. This represents only those who have reported back to me. There have been more, but they did not report to me their results.

In Summary...

Since there are many medical conditions that are relieved through Neuro-Myologic/Myopractic Therapy (Human Body Mechanics). The purpose of Neuro-Myologic Therapy is to eliminate restrictions as they exist in the body. Restrictions cause a stoppage or reduction of motion and normal life function. A body that functions normally is a healthy body. People who experience Neuro-Myologic Therapy usually experience a good night's rest, a greater range of motion, an increase in vitality, a reduction in pain patterns and an over-all wellness.

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