::: Q&A: Back Pain ::: [Q&A: Bladder and Female Functions]

::: What if I have Back Pain? :::

Back pain of a chronic nature is commonly a result of a lack of balance in the pelvic arches. In the human body, the eyes want to be level and the body will adjust its structure to achieve this positioning. When the "foundation" or pelvis is not level, the spine, which exits perpendicularly from the pelvis, must adjust to the pelvis's uneven level to attain a level position for the eyes. As the muscles exert the pressure to shape the spine, they will fatigue and some will over exert as they try to compensate. This compensation will cause an alternating tension up the back until the eyes achieve their level position. The over reaction of the muscles create spasms and therefore, pain. The correction is made by a series of dynamic stretches which level the pelvis resulting in eliminating the tension as it rises along the spine to the eyes. When the pelvis and the eyes are level, the tension eases and the discomfort subsides.

::: What about my Upper Body? :::

As mentioned in a previous section, the upper back is influenced by the pelvis and a condition termed "contra pasta". This describes the working of the spinal muscle groups as they alternate tension in order to adjust the spine to make the eyes level. When this condition reaches the upper back it can cause restrictions in the shoulder arch, neck and head. Myopractic Therapy, because of the incorporation of other bodywork modalities, can be an asset in correcting or relieving the stress and associated pain in this region.

::: It hurts When I walk... :::

When the pelvis is not level, it can cause a lengthening of one leg. This condition would create an uneven heal strike causing stress and tension in the hip, knee, ankle joints, or foot and their associated muscles. Myopractic Therapy corrects the leg length disparity and hip rotation easing the conditions that result from these functional difficulties.

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