[Q&A: Back Pain]

::: Q&A: Bladder and Female Functions :::

When the pelvic arches are not correct, tension exists on the female organs and other parts in this region, especially where the pubic arch appears to connect to the hip. Neuro-myologic/ Myopractic Therapy has been reported to increase bladder control in both sexes and aid in the regulation of the menses. This improvement occurs when the pelvic tension is relieved, and the body's life motion can renew its natural function.

::: What if I'm pregnant? :::

Because of the body's preparation for child delivery, pregnancy creates tension and stress through the pelvic arches. This tension, in combination with the preexisting condition of an uneven pelvis can create a number of symptoms. These could be hip pain, bladder control difficulty, pain in the pelvic area due to "baby positioning", low back pain or other discomforts. Neuro-myologic Therapy can reduce or completely eliminate this tension and pain, thus preparing the pelvis for easier living and child delivery. Neuro-myologic Therapy has been reported to enable pregnancy. (14 successful births in women medically diagnosed with infertility)

::: Why aren't I pregnant? :::

Getting pregnant requires the body to be in an excellent balance of mechanics combined with proper body chemistries. The proper structural positioning of the pelvic girdle and lack of tension on the uterus, bladder and surrounding visceral tissue does influence the ability of the body to respond appropriately allowing ovulation and fertilization. When repositioning is accomplished, there is usually a warm sensation in the female organ area that indicates an increase in circulation and a reduction of any restriction that may have been present. (We have had 29 women, who had been diagnosed medically infertile, become pregnant within a month after a Neuro-myologic/Myopractic treatment. We have had 2 others whose menses began and regularly continued naturally without medical intervention.)

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