::: The Table :::

One of the most valuable tools of the Myopractor (Human Body Mechanic) is the Myopractic table. It is designed to reduce the tension over all, and focus a specific tension into a designated area being treated. When a person lies on the table, the section under the upper torso folds longitudinally, or like a taco, which supports the arches of the pelvis and the shoulder, removing tension that enables the body position to be more comfortable and allow a more efficient therapy session. This is especially critical for pregnant clients who are able to lie on their stomachs for treatment during their pregnancies. Pregnant clients are able to be treated successfully through their entire pregnancy.

The table surface tips head down to allow the practitioner to take advantage of gravity when using some of the specific therapies. It also raises and lowers to accommodate patients with greater girth or practitioners of varying heights.

The horizontal mid-point and the headpiece also flex in such a way to facilitate a more efficacious position to accomplish maneuvers focused into the specific areas being treated.

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