October 26, 2013
Thank you again for seeing me! Iím feeling so Ďevení in the pelvis Ė itís so amazing what a difference our work yesterday made Ė I donít feel Ďtwistedí or Ďoff-kilterí anymore! Wow! In yoga, I practice a pose called, Mountain Pose (Tadasana), where you stand and try to balance evenly throughout the body (not leaning left/right or forward/back...from the feet all the way up the body to through the crown of the head). Today, after having met with you last night, Iím feeling (maybe for the first time ever!!!) how it really feels to stand and be balancing evenly. How wonderful! Such a gift! I realize today that I did cross my legs in an effort to correct the imbalanced feeling I had in my pelvis. Now, I donít even feel the urge to do that, because my body feels Ďlevelí on its own. This is so cool! I also feel like Iím able to breathe more freely and my digestive processes have been given a kick-start. I feel a little bit of muscle soreness, as you said I probably would, but no more that Iíd typically experience if Iíd exercised more than usual. Thank you again for your expertise, your caring manner, and generous sharing of health information. I look forward to having my kids experience improved health through your Neuro-Myologics Therapies, too!
Lauren G.
Financial Consultant

October 23, 2002
Years ago I went to Dee Cresap in excruciating pain and at times unable to walk after months of unsuccessful doctor and chiropractic visits. After visiting him a few times, I learned how care for my body, recognize when I am not in proper balance and am now no longer in pain.
Tiffany K.,
School Teacher/Homemaker

September 30, 2002
I started going to Dee for his myropractic services a little over three years ago. Before I was referred to Dee, I would go to a chiropractor one to three times a week for chronic back pain that developed after I had been in an accident where my vehicle was rear- ended. After going to Dee a couple of times, I didn't have to go back to see him again for about four months. Every 4 to 6 months now, when my hips need to be corrected, I call Dee and he fits me into his schedule. What a difference it has made in my life in how I feel. The chronic pain is gone.

He is such an amazing man to work with. When I've been in pain and need to be worked on, Dee has worked me into his schedule--even when he's been only hours from having to catch a flight; other times when it's been late evening and it's probably cutting into his family time. He genuinely cares about his patients and making sure that they are healthy in every aspect.

I can't say enough how happy I am to have "found" Dee!
Debbie F.,
Author/Home Maker

September 16, 2002
About three weeks ago you worked on me and my wife, and I just wanted to call and let you know I am walking much, much better than I was. You remember I had a cane. I can walk without my cane and am no longer taking little old man steps. I am able to walk with a stride. I really appreciate what you have done.
Don G., PhD
Psychology Counselor

September 13, 2002
My familiarity with manual manipulation disciplines extends to many different practices, approaches and methodologies. I have been a firm believer in the philosophy 'the correct tool' for any job gives one the highest probability of success. Not until David Cresap, however, have I experienced the high level of satisfaction that I can attest to now. Not only is my lower back pain gone, but is has stayed gone. Not only that, but he is a fount of knowledge in healthy living and supplements to achieve such a splendid state of being.
Karl M.,
Commercial Airline Pilot, Phoenix, AZ

August 18, 2002
All of my life I have had a pelvic dysfunction that caused pain in my lower back, hips, knees and ankles. Three years ago I became a massage therapist who specializes in deep, therapeutic massage. During this period of time and before, I had tried stretching, deep tissue massage and postural corrections to try to fix the problem to no avail. After 40 minutes with David, the problem was completely corrected to the point of being able to see it physically. I now recommend a large portion of my clients to David when I assess that the problem is osteopathic in nature. I completely bypass Chiropractors, whom, compared to the work that David does, seem unskilled and under trained in their works.
Lisa S.,
L.M.T., Desert Breeze Massage, Phoenix, AZ

August 17, 2002
I had been diagnosed with amenoria for over a year. That is not menstruating or ovulating for a year. I went to see numerous doctors and specialists about my problem because my husband and I were trying to grow a bigger family. All of my blood tests and other invasive procedures concluded I was perfectly normal and healthy. In spite of my amenorea, every single specialist I went to basically said, "There is nothing wrong. Go home, we've done all we can do." So when the medical profession failed me, I went to David Cresap to see if he could do anything to help my situation. I felt I've done everything else anyway, - what could it hurt? After one 45-minute treatment with Mr. Cresap, I felt the warmth of increased circulation and tissue infiltration in my reproductive area. The very next day I began my first menstrual cycle in over a year. 2 weeks later I became pregnant. Now I am the mother of a beautiful and healthy baby boy. David Cresap is a miracle worker.
Tera A.,
Student/Home Maker

August 3, 2002
David Cresap believes in adjusting the whole body. The first time I saw him was almost a year ago. I had been going to a chiropractor weekly for 16 years. I have a problem with my back and hips, especially my right hip. When he adjusted my hips the first time, I could feel a flood of tingling down my right leg. He has helped me so much. He is so much better than regular chiropractic.
Roz S.,
Day Care Owner

August 3, 2002
Dee Cresap is, without a doubt, one of the most incredible bodywork professional practitioners that I have ever experienced. His knowledge of the whole body ... muscle, skeletal, physiology, immune system, nervous system, energy system, etc.? Literally the entire body is IMPECCABLE! As a licensed massage therapist and a Reiki Master Teacher I have great appreciation for quality bodywork. In addition to my personal experience of Dee's work, I have also referred many of my clients to Dee, who have suffered sometimes for many years with chronic pain. They all have come back to me and said "he is a miracle man, I no longer have any pain in my body". Thank you Dee, for your dedication to this holistic approach to health.
Sandy R.,
LMT, RMT, Executive Producer Phoenix Holistic Health Expo

July 25, 2002
I've had daily pain from arthritis and fybromyalgia for over 12 years. Recently I experienced what appeared to be a mild seizure or mini stroke and have had to deal with neurological problems including dizziness, bad vision, muscle spasms/twitching and the inability to walk comfortably. The natural means of healing I had always employed, such as acupuncture and chiropractic, were not working. A friend recommended David Cresap. I went to see him and he worked on me for quite a while, gently adjusting every area of my body. After the session, I noticed I could bend at the waist without feeling pain, and walk more comfortably. David said things would be different over the next few days and they were. It was miraculous. I woke up the next morning PAIN-FREE, and feeling wonderful for the first time in years. My vision improved, my mind is clear and I can think properly. I'm sleeping like a baby! The fatigue that had been in my arms and legs is completely gone and I am much stronger. I can now lift a one-gallon milk container with ease and cleaned my whole house, after working all day, with the speed and strength of a healthy person. I can feel my legs and have no problems walking. David saved my life. The terrible stress that had been affecting my nervous system and brain is completely gone and I can function again. It feels like my body can heal itself now. I am grateful for David and highly recommend him to anyone.
Linda T.,
Real Estate Investor

January 26, 2001
I had the good fortune to have a Myopractic treatment by Mr. David Cresap several years ago. After a single treatment, I had relief of mid back pain for many months. I suffered a compression fracture of T12 when I was 26 years old. I had been bothered by mid back pain with any surgery lasting for more than two hours since the age of about 50. By a series of gentle maneuvers, I felt that he caused a shift in the alignment of my pelvic bones. The treatment was gentle and I noticed an improvement immediately. I would recommend this to anyone without specific contraindications for manipulation treatment.
John A. P., M.D.
Plastic Surgeon


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