November 14, 2002
Dear Mr. C,
It's Thanksgiving Season and I like to thank those who have helped me or touched my heart and soul.
You, Mr. C, have done both. You have helped me in four visits, more than my medical doctor of six years and numerous chiropractors for 15 years.
I appreciate how you recognize and explain my problem areas, due to your expertise. I enjoy your soft spoken voice, professionalism, and your vast knowledge of our body.
I love the exercises you recommend. They are easy, yet effective.
Most of all, you have touched my heart because you actually care about people and want them to feel good. Thanks for making me feel better and helping me realize ways to help myself feel better.

Happy Holidays to you and your family...including all the animals.

Melody F
Purchasing Agent

January 11,2003
Hi David, thank you again so much for today's treatment, I can't tell you how good I feel! Not only is my back pain gone, but all the other little creaks and pains throughout my body are gone. I feel like a 10 year old again!

Thanks again!
Laura L.
Director of Community Development

March 10, 2003
I'm turning 24 this year, and my dislocated disc between my 4th and 5th lumbar had been bothering me for 4 years now. To this present day I still don't know how exactly I hurt myself, possibly from an accident that I was involved in long ago (which might have set the stage for the injury), and weight lifting. Symptoms including lower back pain and pain radiating down both legs were severe, but surgery was out of consideration because I simply didn't want to mess with anything that has to do with the central nervous system, which controls virtually everything in me. The immediate reaction I had was to seek chiropractic treatment, which did help the symptoms but only up to a certain degree. I felt less pain, but still was far from a life without physical pain.

It was after almost two years of treatments at various chiropractic clinics that I encountered Myopractic Therapy (Human Body Mechanics); I didn't know what it was and thought it was only some kind of massage treatment. At that point in time I was willing to try any treatment to improve my symptoms to another level, even if it was something that all I knew about was that it focuses on the pelvic region (which is different from chiropractic's focus on the spinal column). It was then the healing process was carried to another level; the immediate result after the first treatment was tremendous, my back was relaxed and my lumbar region was getting a lot more movement immediately after the treatment. I even felt like I could start lifting weight again after not being able to carry anything heaver than 20~30 lbs for 3 years. I've only had a total of four treatments in half a year so far (compare to the 100+ chiropractic treatments in the 2 years), which is due to the fact that I don't "need" the treatments as often any more. Each treatment takes about twenty minutes, involving a series of painless dynamic stretches and adjustments. It was really a blessing to be introduced to Myopractic Therapy, and it was also a blessing to meet both David (the Certified Myopractor who treated me) and Dave (the person who introduced Myopractic Therapy to me). I thereby thank them both trememdously, and recommend anyone who's had the similar unfortunate fate to try the route that I experienced, the result might be a really pleasant surprise.

Tim L.
Arizona State University
Pre-med Student

April 15, 2003
Brother Cresap:
Just wanted to say thank you for your help on Saturday. I was getting used to having to get out of the car and limp awhile until I could stabilize myself. I had a rush of energy all day saturday and for the most part sunday was the same. I was able to come home and moved some parts of trees that my wife had chopped down several weeks ago. I came in and cleaned the kitchen completely including the refrigerator. I went back outside and worked a couple of hours and then I played basketball with my youngest daughter.

As I mentioned earlier I certainly had a rush of energy, and boy did it feel good to do so many things, needless to say I slept extremely well on Saturday and Sunday nights. I have not had that kind of stamina for a long, long time.

My many thanks again for your help, dinner is on me next time you come to town, please let me know.

Otra ves, muchas gracias!
Jim J.
Pharmaceutical Sales

February 3, 2004
I have had neck pain, back pain, and a dull pain in my lower abdomen since the birth of my first child, over six years ago. This pain has been so bad at times, that I was completely immobolized. Other therapies have kept it at bay, and even taken away the pain, but no longer than a few hours. David worked on me on a Saturday. My body was definately sore for a couple of days, but I was immediately out of pain and have not had pain since. For the first time in 6 1/2 years I am out of pain.
Thank you David!!!!
For the past 5 years, every morning I wake up and both arms are numb, from my shoulders down. After one visit, I have not had this happen again.
JJ. M.
David, I just spoke to my husband the other night, as he was astonished that his arms are still not numb when he awakens. I thought this numbness started after his accident. But it started when he was 17, 15 years ago. Wow! He is really pleased. Anyway, thank you for helping both of us. I will get with you soon to have you work on my babies!
Emellina and JJ M.
Home Construction

February 9, 2004
I have suffered with chronic low back pain for many years. Ocassionally chiropractics and massage would help, but never get rid of the pain completely. After a treatment with David Cresap, I cannot believe the difference I feel. I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't experienced it myself! I was very impressed with his expertise in this area, and the treatment I received. I feel wonderful for the first time in a very long time. I have a housecleaning business and it is hard on my back. Not any more.
Thank you David!

Mom/Domestic Engineer

March 17, 2004
I would like to offer a testimonial as to how David Cresap helped my family.
I am a grandmother of two wonderful baby boys, both were born healthy and strong, a blessing for which I am eternally grateful. At about one month of age my first grandchild started exibiting signs of what the doctor called acid reflux. For three months this poor child suffered from what seemed to be severe pain, crying for hours at a time. There seemed to be nothing that we could do to relieve his suffering. We gave him the prescribed medications, tried all of the home remedies we had been told about, nothing helped. After one evening of babysitting with him crying uncontrollably for three hours straight I was desperate to find help.

I spoke with a friend who told me that she had two grandchildren who had suffered with similar symptoms and that they had found relief through Mr. Cresap. I immediately called him and he had us bring our little one in immediately.

I must admit I was skeptical at first, after all his pediatrician couldn't seem to help, what, I thought could this man do? Well, after a five minute visit in which Mr. Cresap adjusted my grandchild a miracle indeed took place. That little angel was a different child from that day forward! No more sad grumpy faces, no more crying uncontrollably, we had a happy, HEALTHY baby boy!

I am not sure that I would believe this testimonial myself if I had not experienced it first hand. In fact when my second grandson started showing signs of colic I immediately called Mr. Cresap and we took him in for a visit. I do not want this little one to suffer like my first grandchild did.

I will be forever grateful for the help that David Cresap gave us, I am not someone who knows a lot about the way our bodies work, but I do know that what he did worked.

I recommend it for any parent who has a baby suffering from this condition!

Carolyn G.
Grand Mother

November 4, 2004
I would like to personally thank you for your excellent care of my daughter yesterday. Not only was she in pain, but she was so worried about not making a team. Thanks to your skilled handling of the situation, she felt much better after the treatment and was able to return to the tryouts. She made the 15-1s travel team, which is excellent! I will definitely keep you in mind for my family and people I know.

I don't know the lady's name who recommended you, but I want to thank her as well. It was a blessing for her to see what was going on and to recommend you.
Thank you very much!

Tom C.
Airline Executive

April 15, 2008
I made it back to Newark safely (This is where I'm working this week before returning home.) with a little pain in my left foot. I put a topic gel on it and it was perfect this morning. (*suffered with constant chronic pain in left foot for multiple years)

I have purchased the boron and the citrus bioflavanoids. I've been telling everyone how wonderful I feel as a result of your work. Haven't had the sleep change yet but my friend told me that I shouldn't expect all the miracle at one time. My other friend is doing great too but I'm sure she'll tell you that herself.

All the best and thanks for being there.

Porfessional Educator

October 26, 2013
Thank you again for seeing me last night! Iím feeling so Ďevení in the pelvis Ė itís so amazing what a difference our work yesterday made Ė I donít feel Ďtwistedí or Ďoff-kilterí anymore! Wow! In yoga, I practice a pose called, Mountain Pose (Tadasana), where you stand and try to balance evenly throughout the body (not leaning left/right or forward/back... from the feet all the way up the body to through the crown of the head). Today, after having met with you last night, Iím feeling (maybe for the first time ever!!!) how it really feels to stand and be balancing evenly. How wonderful! Such a gift! I realize today that I did cross my legs in an effort to correct the imbalanced feeling I had in my pelvis. Now, I donít even feel the urge to do that, because my body feels Ďlevelí on its own. This is so cool! I also feel like Iím able to breathe more freely and my digestive processes have been given a kick-start. I feel a little bit of muscle soreness, as you said I probably would, but no more that Iíd typically experience if Iíd exercised more than usual. Thank you again for your expertise, your caring manner, and generous sharing of health information. I look forward to having my kids experience improved health through your Neuro-Myologics therapies, too!
Lauren G.
Financial Consultant

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