Thank you again for seeing me! Iím feeling so Ďevení in the pelvis Ė itís so amazing what a difference our work yesterday made Ė I donít feel Ďtwistedí or Ďoff-kilterí anymore! Wow! In yoga, I practice a pose called, Mountain Pose (Tadasana), where you stand and try to balance evenly throughout the body (not leaning left/right or forward/back...from the feet all the way up the body to through the crown of the head). Today, after having met with you last night, Iím feeling (maybe for the first time ever!!!) how it really feels to stand and be balancing evenly. How wonderful! Such a gift! I realize today that I did cross my legs in an effort to correct the imbalanced feeling I had in my pelvis. Now, I donít even feel the urge to do that, because my body feels Ďlevelí on its own. This is so cool! I also feel like Iím able to breathe more freely and my digestive processes have been given a kick-start. I feel a little bit of muscle soreness, as you said I probably would, but no more that Iíd typically experience if Iíd exercised more than usual. Thank you again for your expertise, your caring manner, and generous sharing of health information. I look forward to having my kids experience improved health through your Neuro-Myologics herapies, too!
Lauren G.
Financial Consultant


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