::: Behold the lowly Yucca!:::

Behold the lowly Yucca! This Yucca plant began growing on the edge of an irrigated field in South Eastern Ariona. Yuccas grow their flowers quite rapidly, attainting their full blossom in one to two days.

In the case as the stem ascending it was struck by the water stream of a rotating agricultural rain bird type irrigation system. When the force of the water struck the stem, the stem would give way to the force, and grow sideways away from the flow. When the flow passed the stem would self correct, growing up straight until the water flow after making it's full rotation, would strike the stem again causing it to lay over. Eventually, the stem needed to counter balance itself because of the environment influence in order to stay upright. The flower is upright, and the stem adjusts to accomodate its corrected position.

And so it is with the human body.

::: What is Neuro-Myologic/Myopractics in theory? :::

Neuro-Myologics describes the logical coordination of the nerve patterns and the muscle function. It is based on the same premise of “Human Body Mechanics” that the pelvis is the foundation of the human body. The pelvis is the weight bearing center, the largest bony structure, and it contains the pubic and sacral arches that includes 3 joints (1 pubic and 2 sacral joints) which allow the pelvis to shift, rotate and flex.

The Primary Directive of the pelvis is to maintain itself straight and level so the spine can exit perpendicular and hold the head level so the eyes can be level. The human body requires that the eyes be level. If the primary function is not being met, then the muscles take over in an attempt to level the pelvis, straighten the spine and hold the head and eyes level. After a period of time the muscles fatigue because of the tension, putting pressure on the nerves and causing the pain and system malfunctions.

Mechanical mal-function of the pelvis can lead to a number of common maladies in the human body. Some would include digestive difficulties, hormone imbalances, fertility, pregnancy and delivery challenges. Many mechanical failings cause pain in areas throughout the body that includes the hips, knees, feet, back, neck, shoulders, and head.

The question, “How can that happen?” is simple to explain in that the body is a coordinated and completely organized biomechanical organism. One system influences function and success in the other systems. For example, a mechanical failing can influence the function of the nerves, muscle and vascular systems in the reflecting areas.

These breakdowns are overcome by simply re-patterning the mechanics back to their original positioning thereby removing the influencing tension and allowing the body to return to its proper structural balance and functions.

Neuro-Myologics is a profession that incorporates a unique system of natural therapies enabling the body to restore and maintain a state of well-being. Neuro-Myologics/Myopractics uses a non-traumatic form of dynamic stretching and focused tension as a foundational therapy in addition to other complimentary or adjunct therapies where the goal is three fold;

  1. It allows the body to function freely without stress, tension or pain.
  2. It elevates the body's vitality to a state of exuberant, radiant health.
  3. It restores the inner tranquility from which comes the fullness of one's individual creativity.
The underlying principle of Neuro-Myologics/Myopractics is "LIFE IS MOTION." In the complete state of health, every part of the body has a particular innate movement. This movement will range from a "gross physical motion" such as flexing a joint or expanding the rib cage when breathing, to a "subtle physical motion" such as the circulation of the blood through a capillary or the motion at the cellular level. Movement is basic in sustaining life. When the natural movement is impaired in any way, an imbalance occurs immediately and DIS-ease begins. This lack of motion is called a "restriction." Neuro-Myologic/Myopractic therapy aids the body to regain its original balance by reestablishing the normal motion patterns of the body. This technique profoundly reestablishes the body's flow of life's fluids and reestablishes a renewed internal environment by regaining the freedom of all bodily activity and consequently, the freedom from stress and tension. From the view of Neurologics, the body has been Divinely designed and is intended to be self-regulating, self-maintaining and self-perpetuating. Dr. Huls, the originator of Myopractic Therapy, has said, "The body is designed to aid, utilize, and direct its energies into efforts to heal itself." An important focus of the Neuro-Myologic Specialist/ Myopractor is the pelvis since it is the largest bony structure of the body. The pelvis is the foundation and the weight-bearing center that supports the body. The evidence of this is the inclusion of the two arch foundations, the pubic and sacral arches. Since most of the body's weight is focused into the pelvis, if there is a "restriction," or lack of proper motion, the body may shift the burden. Hence, the tension of weight bearing moves to another area. This creates additional tension in the body's attempt to reestablish normal posture with the eyes being level. When the transfer of the body's weight into the pelvis is restored, the rest of the structure can become free of tension and will re-stabilize.

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